About Us

Dr. Era Dutta is Neuro-Psychiatrist (MBBS, DNB Psychiatry, MD Psychiatry) who believes in the holistic care of every individual. After practicing in Mumbai, she has relocated to the “City of Joy” – Kolkata, India.

She practices as a Psychiatrist, therapist and counsellor in Kolkata. She is active in the field of mental wellness through numerous portals. Her areas of expertise include: treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Stress management, Headaches, Memory problems & Life coaching. As a Life wellness coach she insists upon lifestyle modification for complete well-being. She also helps couples in marriage counselling & relationship counselling in Kolkata. Coaching & counselling helps empower those who wish to understand themselves better to solve inner & external conflicts.

She has won many accolades in her post-graduation and thereafter. To her credit are numerous scientific publications in high-impact journals including the first ever “Selfie addiction” study from India for which she has been nationally and internationally acclaimed. She is an executive committee member of the Indian Psychiatric Society. She also serves as a part of the panel for Ethical board clearance of Renal Transplants.

“In this fast paced world where 1 in 4 individuals has some psychological problem, we all need to accept MENTAL HEALTH as an integral part of our lives.” - Dr. Era Dutta