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How do I know that I need help?

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Do life coaching and counselling really work for people?

It will work for you provided you work with us giving your 100 percent effort. It certainly does work when you bring seriousness and commitment, are OPEN minded to trying new ways and ready to take charge of your present and future.

Is Online coaching/counselling less or as effective as in-person?

Online coaching/ counselling industry is as effective if not more than in person. It also depends on the individual. It is effective, gives you more personal time and is focused on helping you from the comforts of your house.

Why do I need to hire you as a Life coach? I am the one who usually counsels others, so can’t I help myself? Also can’t my friends just do your job?

Of course, you DO NOT have to hire me as your Life coach. Some of the biggest names in the industry who are at the pinnacle of their success (e.g Hrithink Roshan, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio etc.) have hired Life coaches. Similarly people that I work with have tried their way of dealing with their life’s situation on their own and made little or no progress. It may be wise to hire a coach now to save yourself more years of toiling it out on your own and sensing frustration thereafter. A fresh pair of eyes into your situation may help effectively. Your wellness journey starts NOW.

How safe is it to share my life’s details with you? Aren’t you after all a stranger on the other end of the line?

Everyone we know was once a stranger. A life coach is a stranger who is TRAINED to be non-judgmental, neutral, objective and to be easy to open up to. Your confidentiality is 100 per cent guaranteed. A signed printed AGREEMENT will guarantee us the same to each other. Trust is a two way road. I trust you to be honest to me and then take my suggestions on board to the best of my ability. In return you can trust me to keep all our conversations completely confidential.

Ready to begin the start of a NEW YOU?

If you have more questions feel free to send us a text message on Whatsapp us or go through some of the success stories. If you are truly ready then let’s set you up. Start by filling out our questionnaire so that we can get in touch with you.

If you are based out of India, the telephonic call will be made by us to you. If you are based overseas, based on the time difference we will schedule a timing conducive to us both. In such a situation you will have to call us up or connect via Whatsapp/ Skype/ Google Hangout Audio session.

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Copyright © 2017. All right reserved.

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