Need Help?

Identify Your Problem

To seek a solution, identifying the problem is step number one.


Recurrent headache are a leading cause of absenteeism from work and school. Other than vision problems, stress and migraine are common causes. Not only medications, but lifestyle modification can help you.

Memory problems?

Where are my keys? What was the name of that person? I missed that appointment because I forgot again. If you are tired of feeling like this, take a moment to explore the problem with the help of our expert. A quick memory test can help you. Email us for a free memory test and memory improvement tips.

Can’t sleep?

Sleep is an important indicator of good health and wellness. Significant changes in sleeping pattern can negatively affect health. The problems could range from decreased sleep, waking up in between repeatedly, early morning awakening or simply feeling unfresh despite adequate hours of sleep. Treatment without use of Sleeping pills (sedatives) is also possible.

Stressed out?

Are you constantly stressed out? Take our stress test and find out if you need stress management tips. Please note this test only helps you identify your stress areas and is Not diagnostic of any disorder. Email us today for the free test.

Stuck in a negative mindset?

Are you constantly thinking about the negative possibilities. Is your mind on a repeat loop of your worst fears. Slow down, take a deep breath. Learn from our expert how to challenge these negative thoughts and overcome the feeling of anxiety.

Constantly tired?

Mind rules over the body. Constant physical & mental fatigue after small tasks could be a reason for concern. Help explore this with the help of a mental health expert.

Do you turn to alcohol, drugs and smoking to ease the pain?

Resorting to addiction in form of – drinking, smoking, drugs (e.g. cannabis) are deterimental to your health. Don’t let these addictions take charge of you, instead take charge of them now. Alcohol addiction treatment in Kolkata is possible, as are ways to stop smoking and fight weed addiction. Email us today and we will send you a questionnaire to help you assess whether you are addicted to alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, or other drugs.

Excessive facebook, whatsapp and selfie clicking?

Gadget addiction like mobile phone addiction is on an increase. Selfie deaths have been on a steep rise in our country. These otherwise “harmless” addictions are called soft or behavioural addictions. An underlying mood condition maybe the reason why you excessively spend time hooked to your gadgets.

Relationship issues?

With our ever evolving demands combined with technology, even though we are more connected, but it is also drifting us apart. Relationship troubles are common amongst all age groups. Marital counseling and relationship counseling is recommended for all couples who wish to make their lives smoother.