An ideology I swear by - “Our belief is our strongest armour and can also be our Achilles heel.” . 👍🏻Believe
It is necessary to understand Autism for everyone. There are many myths that individuals correlate with Autism and I was happy to shed some light on the facts when it came to Autism Spectrum disorder on this Autism Awareness day, 2018.   Myth #1: Autism is form of mental retardation Fact: Autism…

About Me

Dr. Era Dutta is a mental health professional. After finishing her MBBS and MD Psychiatry, she practised in Mumbai as a Consultant Psychiatrist. Currently she resides and practises in “City of Joy” – Kolkata, India.

Mental health still faces stigma in our society. Her endeavour is to bring about a change by spreading awareness.

Mind Wellness is an initiative to spread mental wellness.

Wellness can be broadly defined as “the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.” Mind wellness was born out of this deliberate effort, to help individuals through the simple act of spreading awareness.

Join her in this drive by being a part of #Mindwellness movement to stamp out the stigma.