5 common myths about SUICIDE

Myth 1: Suicide is for attention Fact: Suicide is a cry for help. People attempting suicide have come to a dead end where they see no light at the end of the tunnel What can you do - Talk to them. Make a gesture of help Myth

Mental aftermath of Cyclone Fani

Nature is beautiful and kind to us. But every now and then we see the wrath of nature. Natural disasters have been around from times immemorial and affect millions of people around the globe each year. Recently cyclone Fani hit Orissa,


An ideology I swear by - “Our belief is our strongest armour and can also be our Achilles heel.” . 👍🏻Believe that a person will do right by you and just that belief will carry you onto positive grounds. If your trust, faith and belief


It is necessary to understand Autism for everyone. There are many myths that individuals correlate with Autism and I was happy to shed some light on the facts when it came to Autism Spectrum disorder on this Autism Awareness day, 2018.  …

Stages of Cancer Grief

Cancer Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre Behl revealed that she has been diagnosed with 'high grade' cancer that has metastasized. Since then, her social media has been filled with positive posts about her facing the challenges associated