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September 2, 2019by admin0
Myth 1: Suicide is for attention

Fact:  Suicide is a cry for help. People attempting suicide have come to a dead end where they see no light at the end of the tunnel

What can you do – Talk to them. Make a gesture of help

Myth 2:  Women are at greater risk than men to commit suicide

Facts: Recent statistics show that more men than women commit suicide. This may be due to the fact that our society forces men to portray themselves as stronger, and hence, they silently suffer from depression which may culminate in suicide

What can you do – We focus so much on gender equality. Let’s bring that to a front in mental health too.

Myth 3: Talking about suicide opens up the door for it

Fact: Talking about suicide opens doors for prevention. People become more aware of the warning signs and take notice.

What can you do – Bring up the topic with someone you feel may be contemplating this step.

Myth 4: Access to media causes more people to think of suicide

Fact: Media helps in promoting mental health by talking about the gravity of the situation. For instance, the Blue Whale Challenge, Momo Challenge, etc are some of the deadly suicide games that have been highlighted by the media, helping parents and the general public to be more aware of the possible consequences.

Myth 5: If a child talks about suicide, he or she isn’t serious

Fact: Suicidal ideas can occur at any age, young or old, rich or poor, famous or common and male or female

What can you do – Focus on your own mental health as well as of those around you.

Dr Era Dutta 



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