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October 2, 2017by admin0

Been feeling low lately? Feeling like life is monotonous and there isn’t anything particularly exciting?

When life becomes a routine, we all ponder as  to what will bring joy to us. Happiness lies in your own hands and you can take a moment to feel good (or even great) about yourself. Here is how:


It only takes a moment. Be grateful for the people around you and the wonderful things that we so often take for granted. Jotting down 3 blessings or gratitude each day helps you stay focused on the positive.


Lists, tasks and more lists. There is never enough time and always some boring task to be done. Ideally we continue doing the “MOST important” tasks and brushing aside anything which qualifies as less urgent or important at that moment. Dig up that list and finish some tasks. The word DONE next to the tasks will elate you. Trust me.

3.TELL SOMEONE – You are thinking of them!

We may be always thinking and wishing well of so many people. Its just that we never get around to telling them. And when they call the cliched – “You have a very long life” comes out.

Take a moment, send a text to let someone know how important they are to you and that they have made a difference to your life.


In this mundane life, we are all playing roles of – parents, friends, siblings, co-workers. After a while you start to loose the essence called -ME.

Make a pact to be your own best friend and take out either 20 minutes each day or spend atleast a couple of hours on a holiday doing what you love. It could be swimming, painting, dancing, reading or just soaking in a hot water bath.


Forgiveness is such an interesting thing. We all wish to be forgiven for the wrong that we have done, but yet are so hard on those who wrong us even minutely.

Forgive and let go off the anger. You would feel a few pounds lighter immediately.


Remember – Mind wellness is for everyone. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money or even emotional investment.

What are you waiting for?

Start now.


Dr.Era Dutta

MD Psychiatry, DNB, MBBS

Consultant Psychiatrist & Therapist



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